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Foreign Currency Exchange

EZForex Foreign Currency Exchange ServicesHeading overseas? You're going to need local currency whether you're traveling for business or leisure. Leaders In Travel has brought the convenience and ease of exchanging foreign currency right to your computer. Real time rates, no hidden costs, no software to's a simple, easy transaction with the most competitive rates in the market.Travelex

Why pre-pay foreign currency in advance?

You'll be saving on credit card SURCHARGES - usually up to 3% - that travelers end up paying using credit cards for purchases overseas. Use your pre-purchased foreign currency instead.

Purchase Currency Price Protection to lock in the value of your foreign currency order. Now purchase up to $2,500 USD of most foreign currencies and return any amount at the same exchange rate as originally purchased.

Simple online ordering with convenient & secured delivery options, guaranteed.

Save by purchasing foreign currency prior to departure and avoid escalated fees and inflated exchange rates in airports, hotels and banks.


How does the process work?
Just place your order with as many currencies as you like. You may even order foreign currency and Travelers Cheques within the same Shopper's Wallet. You may pay with an electronic Check, Visa, or MasterCard. Within 5-7 business days you'll receive the money via UPS.

How much money should I take?
To determine how much currency to take, please consider the following:

  • Number of days you will be overseas
  • Number of people for whom you are purchasing currency
  • Souvenirs (Are you a big spender?)
  • Meals
  • Tipping
  • Transportation (i.e. taxi, subway, etc.)

Considering the above, most people purchase approximately $100-$125 per day for each person traveling.

Should I use ATM's overseas?
It is not always best to use ATM's overseas for the following reasons:

  • Fees - Rates have fees attached upwards to $5-$7 U.S. Remember, your local bank charges a foreign fee, and the sponsoring overseas ATM usually charges a fee as well.
  • Security Reasons - many people use ATM's attached to outside walls. People are watching Americans exchanging money, which sometimes encourages purse snatching or pick-pocketing.
  • Transportation Strikes - We've seen numerous travelers stranded without money, because the machines were out of cash due to strikes.

What is Currency Price Protection (CPP)? What's the cost?
Most people traveling overseas usually go unprepared. They purchase a minimal amount of foreign currency just to get started. This practice always costs the client more money in the long run since they are charged fees and commissions overseas each time they exchange. Conversely, if someone buys too much money and has foreign currency left over, most people lose upwards from 15-20% from the original purchase price when exchanging back to U.S. Dollars. With Currency Price Protection, you can buy up to a certain U.S. Dollar amount worth of foreign currency, bring back any amount thereof, and we'll pay you the exact rate at which you purchased the currency. In other words, CPP freezes your exchange rate. The cost of CPP is $10.00 per country to lock in the exchange rate. Buying CPP is buying peace of mind.

What happens if the exchange rate is in my favor when I get back from my trip?

With CPP, you are guaranteed your original buying exchange rate. Without CPP, you will receive the current day's selling exchange rate, which is generally 15% lower than the buying rate. Therefore, redeeming CPP always saves you money.

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