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As Travel Consultants we enter this industry because of our curiosity of destinations around the world and our passion for travel. We journey to different parts of the world to learn about the cultures, meet the people, and to see and experience the sights and sounds of places that are different from home. We also travel to keep in the know of the trends, the newest hotels & ships, and to revisit old favorites to see how they are holding up. It is our first-hand experiences and professional knowledge that we utilize when planning clients' travels.

We love sharing personal travel experiences here in our Destinations & Diaries. We share highlights of what we thought were outstanding elements of a trip, and even what may not have lived up to our expectations. We will also include helpful hints that could be valuable if you were to take a similar journey.

We encourage our clients to share your travel experiences with us as well. Travelers and visitors to our site would love to read which destinations you liked and why, or which destinations you did not enjoy. We want to know about the fabulous restaurant experience you had, the greatest shopping finds you came upon, what you may have explored off the beaten path ... we'd love to see your favorite photos too!

London is such an exciting place to be, whether you wish to experience the past, present, or future. In this vibrant city you will not be at a loss for things to see and do or places to go.
Soaring mountains, emerald green fields, herds of sheep, quaint seaside towns, painted villages, castles, extraordinary golf courses, vibrant cities and wonderfully friendly people. This is how I envisioned Ireland.
As a young child, I learned about a magical country called Morocco and knew that someday I would visit there. My dream finally came true when I traveled to this exotic land recently.
There is a reason that other cities all over the world call themselves "The Paris of...", but there is only one Paris. A week spent in this magnificent city is just a tease. As a visitor, one must take the time to see the major attractions including the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, a cruise on the River Seine, Notre Dame, the D'Orsay Museum, etc.
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