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Riviera Maya, Mexico

Written by David Kralstein

by Our Client, David Kralstein
March 2008

On the Gulf of Mexico about 1-2 miles from shore.
This is a 40" Wahoo (rhymes with Yahoo). We had it for lunch. It served 10 people.


This is my ultimate fish tale. How big do you think my Sailfish was?
The gloves on the right side of the picture are holding an 18" bill.
We released him back into the gulf. He said thanks as he waived byebye.


At Puerto Aventuras.
Here's my Brandiefish being towed by two dolphins.

Here's Brandie getting set for the dolphin ride of her life.

 It's a bird, it's a plane, nope, and it's Brandie being tossed in the air by her two finned friends.

Why did the Iguana cross the road?

Ask the nun, maybe she knows.

 At Xcaret (pronounced ish-car-et)
Yes the good looking guy in the water is me.

 Brandie is just hangin' out while Max is just strung out. (lol)

Well Carole is on her own little island keeping watch over me and the kids.

It doesn't get much better than this. Wish you could have been here with us.