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St. Petersburg Up Close & Personal

Written by Jay & Maryellen Confry

092010-stpete-01.jpgOceania Cruise from Stockholm to London
September 2010
By Jay & Maryellen Confry

Well, we've returned from the Baltic and our internal clocks are back on OUR time- which was a lot easier than the reverse- where we lost a bunch of hours and then got practically daily reports to turn our clocks ahead yet another hour!!

All we can say is WOW... did we enjoy our trip. Jay would also like to include a couple of observations: The world really seems to like us (Americans) and the USA is a REALLY wonderful place to live!!

Our first Oceania cruise was not our last- this organization has it down to a science...with a VERY human touch. I must admit that I worried a bit about sharing a "boat" with 600 plus other folks...for all the obvious reasons. After 14 days I have no idea where they were! OK- some of them were on our tours and some of them ended up in the dining room but the ship is a marvel of absorption!! Everything about the ship- the food, the accommodations, the fitness/spa area, was first rate. I sometimes felt that I was on my own private yacht. I had to use the Medical Facility at one point and the nurse and physician were very helpful and professional.

The Oceania staff is superb. The land tours were very comprehensive and our biggest problem was deciding which one to take! The guides that we had were quite fluent in English and really educated in their region, as well as personable.


Natalie- all of our pre and post hotel decisions were "spot on", as well as the limo service in London. Our pre-cruise discussion was well noted and we ended up just getting off the ship and "doing our own thing" when possible which was really fun. AND the Leaders In Travel treatise on our cities was really helpful and dog-eared by the time we docked in Dover!


Lee- thank you for the ship credit- it went toward our Internet minutes!! Our Concierge level rooms were very nice. I got a lot of beautiful photos from the balcony!

The reason that we chose this itinerary was because Ted & Jay had read some books about Peter the Great and they wanted to see St. Petersburg. Well, we saw it and the history and culture that exudes from this city was really exciting. In fact, at one point, we reminded ourselves that we were "triple dipping" one day: a morning, afternoon and evening tour event. That said, the rest of our journey led us to places that were just as charming and interesting. I think one of the more "impact" moments of our trip was the Museum of Occupation in Riga, Latvia (there's also one in Tallinn but it was closed)


So- my report is completed - I just wanted to thank you both as well as Leaders in Travel for being such a highly professional organization. We truly enjoyed our trip. Jay & Maryellen Conefry