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Seeking the flavors of South America

Written by Leaders In Travel

Find the farm-fresh tastes of South America in its most vibrant markets

La Bioferia

lima, peru

Rise early on Saturday for this organic mecca where  vendors gather in Parque Reducto. Tamales, made
by nuns, are perfectly paired with guanábana juice. Scout for Peruvian herbs like maca root powder and huacatay (black mint), commonly used in traditional
Andean cuisine.

Mercado Central

santiago, chile

At Mercado Central, restaurants cluster under vaulted ceilings and guitarists serenade locals devouring ceviche. Meet the fishmongers and select a lobster or king crab that a chef deftly prepares into your fresh lunch.

El Galpón

buenos aires, argentina

Set in a modest hut stenciled with a “G,”
El Galpón is a gourmet wonderland with a  cooperative food market,
café and bar serving local beer and wines from Mendoza. Producers love to share samples of briny olives and homemade
fruit preserves.

San Francisco

quito, ecuador

The aroma of herbs lures you into Quito’s oldest market, welcoming
food-lovers for more
than 120 years. We’ll arrange a guided tour with a chef so you can meet his favorite butcher and visit a brewer to sample chicha (fermented corn beer).