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Pet Friendly Accommodations

Once upon a time there were hotels that frowned upon calls from pet-loving travelers who wouldn't dream of leaving their furry one behind. It was a daunting task just to locate a decent quality hotel that wouldn't turn you down - you either stayed at a motel or snuck your pet in through a back door. Those days are long gone as the hospitality industry has increasingly looked for new opportunities and ways to bring guests to their hotels. Not only have they wisened up to tolerate pets, but many hotels all over the world welcome our best friends with luxurious pet programs and lavish pet amenities that will make Luke and all his furry friends feel like stars.

Luke Ready for his next tripTravelers who appreciate the exceptional service, facilities and appointments that a luxury 5-star hotel provides, no longer have to comprise in standards if they would like to bring along their family pet. A wide range of luxurious, pampering hotel and resort pet-friendly opportunities abound, including at such international top-of-the-line brands as Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont and Lowes. You'll find that some hotels may charge deposits or fees of varying amounts and have certain restrictions and limitations such as size or weight, while others may not. And many properties ask that you don't leave a pet alone in your room. But loving your pet and ensuring his happiness is worth the small inconvenience of a few rules and regulations.

We've asked Luke, our agency travel expert on princely pooch comfort and doggie delicacies, to paw up some insight and suggestions for favorite, fabulous hotels to bring along your pets. From chef's specialties and pet massages to four-poster dog beds and designer collars, these hotels know how to please this most important member of the family!

For pets crossing the Atlantic aboard Queen Mary 2, the luxuries abound In the grandiose tradition of sophisticated ocean crossings from a bygone era, Queen Mary 2 brings back an aura of those glory days, with all the modern luxuries and comforts of today. And your four-legged friend can revel in all that splendor with you!
One of the most pet-friendly upscale hotel chains, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts knows that for many pet lovers, travelling without their four-legged friends isn't easy. That's why Fairmont invites pets less than 20 lbs to join their owners on their hotel stays.
Luke absolutely loves Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts, because he knows just how pampered and special Ritz-Carlton hotel management treats all his furry friends. Who could resist all that purrrsonal attention? Each of the hotels have their own guidelines, regulations and fees for guests traveling with pets - or shall I say pets traveling with owners, and guests must fill out and sign a "pet agreement" outlining that hotel's pet policy. Here's a look at some of the pet highlights found at favorite Ritz-Carlton hotels in pet-friendly cities and resort destinations.
From the far reaches of California to Milan, here you'll find more great hotel opportunities when vacationing with Man's Best Friend.