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Discover Your Own Aussie Adventure

Written by Leaders In Travel

Discover AustraliaThe dramatic and rugged landscapes of Australia's Northern Territory and the east Kimberley region are just some of Australia's featured locations. The film is also shot in the cities of Darwin and Sydney, and the Queensland coastal town of Bowen. But no matter whether you're experiencing the Outback beauty of the South Australian Flinders Ranges, the tranquility of an ancient Tasmanian blue gum forest, or sampling the good life in Victoria's Daylesford, a trip to Australia is sure to put you in touch with your spirit of romance and love of adventure.

From red deserts to lush green waterholes, open spaces and sky that goes on forever; in Australia's Outback a new adventure awaits at every turn. It's vast. It's red. It's welcoming. It's magical. Lose yourself in the heart of this country, its people and its stories. Much of Australia remains wild and sparsely populated. See it on horseback, or test yourself against some of the most rugged 4WD tracks imaginable. Camp under the stars, climb aboard a desert camel train, or canoe down one of the continent's mighty rivers.

The romance of Australia cannot be ignored. Imagine riding a camel through the sand dunes at sunset, or floating in a hot air balloon above the awakening desert at sunrise. There's solitude if you want, or the sublimely romantic experience of star-gazing under a velvety night sky. May your journey never end.


Australia's Aboriginals

Aboriginal knowledge is spiritual. It connects people with their land through art, dance, music, secret stories and ritual journeys into the mysteries known as the Dreamtime, when ancestral spirits came to Earth and created all things. In those wondrous Outback landscapes you will see visual reminders of the Dreamtime spirits' journeys everywhere.

From the very beginning, Aboriginal people recognized the only way to know their country was to walk through it, letting nature and spirits shape their journey. The routes they followed were their songlines. Today, travelers can walk in their footsteps and learn first hand the stories of the Dreamtime.



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