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Incentive Travel Services

mo·ti·va·tion \ˌmō-tə-ˈvā-shən\ noun: the act of motivating, a motivating force to include incentive, drive.
in·cen·tive \in-ˈsen-tiv\ noun: stimulating, setting the tone, something that incites an action.

In today's rapidly changing business world competition is fierce. Customers are demanding higher levels of quality and service. Companies are now realizing that their key asset in this changing time is a highly motivated, well-trained work force. If your employees are motivated they'll have the impetus to win new customers. Salary is money expected for a job performed. Incentives, on the other hand, provide the psychological "push" necessary to create an intended action. People want recognition, so a key factor in motivating employees is a well-structured incentive program.

This is an opportunity for us to show you how creative we can be. From incentive awards for your top sales person to a full-blown campaign for your top achievers, we have produced incentive programs all over the world. Your company's biggest problem will be to make the decision on where to go. With the guidance and assistance of Leaders In Travel, Ltd. you can develop an incentive program that establishes your goals and objectives, informs employees of what is expected of them, allows for measurable results, and rewards not only the employee, but your company as well.

Leaders In Travel provides the following services:

  • Site Selection
  • Airlines Negotiations
  • Car Negotiations
  • Hotel bookings
  • On-site assistance
  • On-line registration and confirmation
  • Food and Beverage planning
  • Entertainment and Recreation