See the world worry-free. Join millions of travelers worldwide who choose Global Rescue to protect themselves from medical and security emergencies.

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Join millions of travelers worldwide who choose Global Rescue to protect themselves from medical and security emergencies.

Global Rescue is internationally recognized as the leading provider of medical advisory, field rescue, and evacuation services. Our track record of deploying life-saving advisory and evacuation services to members at the point of illness or injury, no matter how remote, is unmatched. Our unique staffing model, which utilizes critical care paramedics and military special operations veterans as front-line call takers, gives our members immediate access to medical and security experts and unparalleled deployment resources. All of our cases receive medical oversight from our team of physicians and over 2,400 specialists at Johns Hopkins Medicine, which ensures the very best outcomes for our members and their families.

Unrivaled Membership Benefits

24/7 Medical Consultative Services.
Anywhere. From a minor issue to a major medical emergency, members can call a Global Rescue Operations Center 24/7 and speak immediately with a critical care paramedic, supported by our teams of physicians and Johns Hopkins Medicine. Whether you require medical advice, a hospital referral to one of our 100+ international Centers of Excellence or critical early stage triage in an emergency, our specialists are standing by to assist you.

Hospital of Choice Evacuation
Inferior medical care, language barriers and the potential for medical transport costs in excess of $100,000 can make hospitalization overseas a frightening experience. Global Rescue will provide, arrange and pay for a medical evacuation to your home hospital of choice, anywhere in the world.

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Expert medical advice received and rendered at the right time can be the difference between life and death. Global Rescue’s partnership with the Department of Special Operations at Johns Hopkins Medicine is the only one of its kind in the industry. Consistently ranked the #1 hospital in the U.S., Johns Hopkins specialists provide crucial oversight and guidance during medical emergencies.

Field Rescue
During a remote medical emergency, getting yourself to a hospital or landing strip might not be possible. Our commitment to you is from the point of illness or injury. Whether by air, ground or water, our rescue teams have deployed to and helped members in the most remote corners of the world.

Bedside Case Management
If a member is hospitalized overseas, Global Rescue deploys Critical Care Paramedics to oversee the member’s care and assist with stabilizing and preparing the member for transport. Paramedics provide not only superior hands-on care but, also liaise with local physicians, Global Rescue’s in-house medical teams, specialists from Johns Hopkins and the member’s family.

Security Extraction
Global Rescue’s special operations veterans have valuable experience operating in difficult and dangerous locations throughout the world. Our Security Specialists have performed extraction missions from every major geopolitical and natural disaster event of the last decade, including the Arab Spring, the Japanese tsunami, the Haitian earthquake, the Russian invasion of Georgia, the Mumbai terrorist attacks, and many more. If you are in harm’s way, Global Rescue will extract you from the point of danger and evacuate you to your home country or safe location of choice.

Global Rescue Travel Intelligence
Global Rescue’s GRIDSM intelligence system provides detailed country intelligence reports, as well as up-to-the-minute information on medical and security events around the world. Our proprietary technology platform is supported by teams of analysts that give our members the information they need to stay one step ahead.

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