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Before you travel, check out these websites which provide great information you can use. Everything from airport Wi-Fi locations and best seats on an airplane, to how to obtain your birth certificate and other vital records.

Want to see where a flight is exactly en route? Real time flight tracking is fun and very helpful when you have a loved one onboard and you want to know their location. Click on and see if they are almost home! And save valuable time checking for airport delays before you head out the door. All that and more can be found right here.

With almost every week another airline announcing baggage fees for checked luggage, confusion can come into play with each carrier bearing their own set of rates, rules and regulations. These days it's commonplace to pay for a second piece of checked luggage in the main cabin, and in some cases for a first checked bag as well.

You're visiting a foreign country you've never traveled to before and you're in a restaurant. The bill arrives. You stare at it wondering if you're supposed to leave a gratuity or if it has been included in the bill. Sound familiar? Worry no more. With this helpful tipping chart, you can avoid any potential embarrassment and be in the know before you go.


Ever find yourself stressing over what needs to be done before you travel or what to bring for your trip? We've got the remedy with this helpful Pre-Travel Checklist, to help ensure you have everything you need. Just Print and Pack!

Even the most experienced of travelers can benefit from these practical and helpful reminders to ensure a safe and worry free trip.